Llumar Window Films help protect your family

We can help to protect your family from heat, glare and harmful UV rays

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Energy efficient Llumar Enerlogic window film

Energy efficient Llumar Enerlogic window film will REDUCE the heat escape through your glass and LOWER your energy bills.

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One-Way Vision Privacy Window Film

One-Way Vision Privacy Window Film is the contemporary alternative to net curtains.
Stop people peering in, while you see out.

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New technology window film

New technology window film can save you up to 30% on your energy bills and helps save the planet too.

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UV Blocking Film

Protect your family & your car upholstery from harmful sun's rays with UV Blocking Film.
Look smart too!

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Solar Control Window Film

Thanks to new technology, an application of high performance Solar Control Window Film prevents heat build up simply by reflecting the sun's heat away.

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UV protection films

UV protection films are designed to filter out up to 99% of harmful UV rays whilst allowing plenty of light through, thus extending the life of your internal soft furnishings and fabrics.

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Plymouth: Some examples of window tinting projects carried out by ADS Window Tinting in the Plymouth area

ADS Window Tinting provide a full window tinting service to its clients in Plymouth from advising on which window film is most suitable to meet your requirements right through to the window tinting installations themselves.

ADS Window Tinting not only have many years experience of tinting a multitude of vehicles but have also provided flat glass window tinting services for a vast array of Clients in the Plymouth and surrounding areas, some examples of which are show cased below and on additional pages.

ADS Window Tinting has carried out a number of projects in Plymouth and the surrounding area, most recently a Car Showroom in Plympton, on the outskirts of Plymouth.

The Client was having a problem with too much glare and over heating in the Plymouth car showroom and staff were complaining about headaches and generally feeling uncomfortable. ADS Window Tinting applied a Llumar Duel Reflective Exterior Helios Dark Silver window film to the glazing. This type of window film has a darker appearance from the inside and a silver reflective appearance from the outside.

An excellent finish with staff now working in greater comfort means that they are more focused on looking after their customers. Please click on thumbnail images below for a slideshow of this latest work carried out in Plymouth.

ADS Window Tinting cover the whole of the Plymouth Area from its window tinting facility conveniently located near to Plymouth City Centre.

ADS Window Tinting can supply and fit, to your exact requirements, window film to suit most commercial, domestic, automotive and vehicle tinting situations.

Benefits of Window Tinting for Businesses in Plymouth

  1. Reduce energy bills

  2. Increase brand awareness

  3. Create a pleasant working environment

  4. Create a favourable architectural appearance and add privacy to sensitive areas

  5. Increase safety and security

Benefits of Window Tinting for Homeowners in Plymouth

  1. Reduce home energy bills

  2. Create a pleasant environment conservatories

  3. Add privacy to sensitive areas

  4. Increase safety and security around the home

If you are a business or home owner in Plymouth or the surrounding area and would like more information on any aspect of window tinting and its benefits, please do not hesitate to call us on (01752) 252583.

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